Back in 2012, I wrote an article called “The Beginning of the Angry Middle“.

The premise of the article was that Obama was going forth with his “mandate” as he called it, regardless of what the American Population may have thought.

As the agenda was pushed ahead, there were more and more people being pushed to the edges.

As I looked around, I noticed a growing impact in our country on everything from religion, to health care, to gun control, to immigration.

Further, there were several things in play.

1- The Vocal “minority” was overrunning the Silent “Majority.  This meant that a small, but vocal group could now influence policy, public sentiment, shaming, and more.

2- The rise of the EIV, or the “Emotionally Influenced Voter”.  In today’s fast paced world, people are often influenced by sound bites or emotional triggers.  With the saying, “People make decisions emotionally, and defend them logically”, politics became more about posturing and positioning, than true discussion on facts.

So, what is “The Angry Middle” about?

It about what I call, being politically direct.

If you are a CEO, Celebrity, College Student, etc. and you have an idea, an expression, or a position on a particular issue, and you want to express your voice or opinion- where do you go?
Facebook?  Well, you could, but you run the risk of personal or professional shaming from the “other side”.  No matter which side of a problem you are on, there will always be others who disagree with you.  Unfortunately, the rise of social media has lead to more

Unfortunately, the rise of social media has lead to more veracity in some of those disagreements.

How about the Huffington Post?  They have done a great job aggregating bloggers who wanted an outlet for their voice. However, HuffPo leans extremely left in the political spectrum.

So, even if you had a center or right leaning thought, you would still be “labeled” left by the mere placement in the Huffington Post.

How about Brietbart?  Big Gov?  Washington Post?  New York Times?

Well, none of those are set up as blogging platforms.

Enter, The Angry Middle, not Politically Correct- but Politically Direct.

We’ve set about to create a space in the “middle” where you can place your voice.

The Angry Middle is an independent news blog that encourages contributions from a range of sources

  • Celebrities
  • CEOs
  • Contributors
  • College Students

The Angry Middle covers a variety of Topics including

  • Economy
  • Elections
  • Military
  • Gun Control
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Laws
  • and much more….



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